Expat Women: Confessions – 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad

If you have ever wondered what it is like to live abroad, work abroad or accompany your working partner abroad, this book is for you. If you are already living the expat life but have mixed emotions about settling in, rebuilding your identity, relationship changes, successfully managing your money and career, raising children far from home or repatriating, this book is also for you.

“To other expats struggling to adjust …  grab a cup of coffee at your local cafe and sit down with a copy of Expat Women: Confessions. It’s the best start to a fresh and positive perspective.” – M. Troop “Stuart”, on Amazon.com

In Expat Women: Confessions – 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad, experienced expats Andrea Martins and Victoria Hepworth share a wealth of wisdom and positive tips to motivate you at every stage of your expat journey. They cover popular topics like leaving family back home, transitioning quickly, intercultural relationships, parenting bilingual children and work-life balance. They also address more difficult issues such as expat infidelity, divorce, alcoholism and reverse culture shock. This unique book is the perfect addition to every expat bookshelf.

“What I admire about Expat Women: Confessions that it dares to tackle topics such as teen suicide, depression, domestic violence, and infidelity – subjects that are spoken of in whispers within the expatriate community, if at all. Here they’re handled not with hysteria, but with dignity and compassion. A thoroughly useful book for prospective and current expats alike.” – Maria Foley, on Amazon.com

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