Expat-Teens-Talk-300Two weeks ago we heard from authors of Expat Teens Talk, Dr Lisa Pitman and Diana Smit, how it feels to work with Expat Teens. This week they discuss whether the issues faced by Expat Teens are any different to those faced by non-Expat Teens.

We were intrigued by just how similar the issues are that Expat Teens are faced with when compared to their Monocultural peers. The difference is that they are experiencing these issues in a place that is, for the most part, temporary, and they may not be able to access the supports that they desperately need. This, of course, varies from teen to teen and setting to setting. But the resilience that many of these teens have is amazing, much like those of their monocultural counterparts who may also feel like they don’t have any resources or supports.

Learn more about Expat Teens Talk (Summertime, 2012) hereVisit the website (www.expatteens.org) or contact the authors at byexpatteens.forexpatteens@yahoo.com.sg for more information.


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