How to Buy Spanish PropertyHow to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain Safely, written by a Spanish industry ‘insider’ (and expat) with contributions by nine highly qualified professionals (Spanish and British), is the ultimate guide to buying a home in Spain and moving there. 

“Spain is a fantastic country,” says author Nick Snelling, “a truly wonderful place in which to live and somewhere that delivers a very high overall quality of life. However there are pitfalls to moving here or buying property in Spain (whether for holidays or relocation) that are sufficient to destroy any dream. The problems inherent in Spain and buying Spanish property can be avoided, of course – but only if you have the right know-how and guidance before you come to Spain.  That is why my book is important. It is a ‘road map’ that will, literally, save you thousands and ensure that any move or property purchase in Spain more than lives up to your expectations.”

“… it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible …”     – Justin Aldridge,

“… required reading …”     – Martin Dell,

“…up to date, in-depth and comprehensive…”     – Vanessa Roccetta,



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