The Thinking Tank

1970, London, England. Sally, dressed in brown, visits Father Christmas at a church fair. He rescues her as she trips and stumbles into his arms. As he hoists her onto his lap she thinks she feels the breath of a kiss on her cheek. It is 2003 and in Rutland, England Sarah’s relationship with her daughter Rebecca is going from bad to worse. Torn apart by family secrets yet locked together by a solemn promise, the future for both seems bleak. But the mysterious and haunting circumstances of a hospital visit set Sarah on a path of discovery from which there can be no return. She traces Stephen, her childhood friend and the pair travel to Spain in search of answers. But even before they arrive, Sarah finds that Stephen has an agenda all of his own. Only by confronting the truth can Sarah move forward, but that means revealing the one secret she cannot face.

Jae de Wylde steers us masterfully through the twists and turns of this splendidly paced, poignant and compelling story of love, identity and belonging. The book also includes additional material for reading groups.






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