Drinking-Camels-Milk-in-the-YurtShelley Antscherl reviews Drinking Camel’s Milk from the Yurt: Expat Stories from Kazakhstan (Summertime Publishing, 2013) for ExpatArrivals.com and adds a new destination to her travel wish list. About the anthology, she writes:

“You can read about Kazakhstan on the Internet or in the Rough Guide but what you can’t get is a feel for what it’s like to live there and this is where Neboli’s book is a real eye-opener.
According to Drinking Camel’s Milk in the Yurt, Kazakhstan is a country of extremely hardcore seasons; breathtaking big sky landscapes; welcoming local people, and an infamous national dish called ‘Beshbarmak’ which, prior to reading this book, was all news to me.”
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Shelley Antscherl is a journalist, expat and mother of four living in British Columbia. She is a book reviewer for Dutchnews.nl, writer for various publications.



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