If you’re planning to stay in Catalonia and want the most authentic experience you can get then it pays to be prepared. Much more than a tourist guide, listing the usual attractions for the casual tourist, Going Native in Catalonia digs deep beneath this nation’s psyche to give you a warts-and-all induction into the Catalan way of life.

Inside you will discover:

  • why Catalonia is not just another part of Spain
  • the quirks of the Catalan people and language
  • a brief history of Catalonia and its politics
  • intimate guided tours of key towns and cities
  • advice for short, long and medium term stays
  • personal photographs from the author’s travels
  • Catalan culture, art, style and partying
  • witty anecdotes and interesting facts to share
  • the inside scoop on Catalonia’s culinary delights
  • tips on ‘going native’ yourself and living there
  • much, much more…

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