Psychologists agree that journaling is a good way of processing painful childhood memories. At the age of 39, Ruth Van Reken was advised to sit down and write hers as a form of letters that she could have sent her parents. At five years’ old, Ruth, a missionary kid in Africa, was sent away to boarding school and this is where her story begins. Since Letters Never Sent was first published over 32,000 copies have been sold.



“Ruth Van Reken takes off all the spiritual masks and lets you look down into the deepest struggles of her soul.”

    Phil Troyer, HCJB, Quito, Ecuador

Today, almost 30 years since Van Reken put to pen to paper, she has changed countless lives by sharing her story and encouraging others to share theirs. Now the world’s leading expert in Third Culture Kids, the co-author of the highly acclaimed Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds is loved for her honesty and humility as well as her insight.

“This was originally my journaling trying to trying to figure out why, despite the wonderful internationally mobile life I had as a child and adult, there were these places of secret depression that had plagued me for seemingly no reason,” she explains. ” Since ’emotions are the universal language’, I believe readers relate to the feelings of my inner journey as I seek to find understanding, purpose, and meaning for my story, even when their stories have happened in totally different external circumstances.”

This new edition includes a 30 page epilogue and 15 pages of photographs.

“The new epilogue records ‘the rest of the story’, describing the amazing ongoing inner and outer journey that I have been privileged to live since finishing what was originally intended to be a private journal,” concludes van Reken.


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Publication date MARCH 25TH 2012

Price £10.99/€12.99/$16.99

Summertime Publishing

ISBN 978-1-904881-48-3print); ISBN 978-1-904881-77-3 (kindle)

286 pp, paperback




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