DUBAI—December 12, 2011— The magnetic pull of Dubai has never been stonger as expats continue to flock to the city the world just can’t stop talking about. Its popularity soars as Tom Cruise hits the red carpet this week at the Dubai International Film Festival. It’s easy enough for Tom to ‘get connected’ but for the regular newcomers to Dubai, there’s a new book that launches today…

@home in Dubai…Getting Connecting Online and On the Ground by Anne O’Connell.

“Reading Anne O’Connell’s @Home in Dubai is like sitting down with a friend over a cup of coffee and having all your questions answered,” said Zvezdana Rashkovich, long-time expat and author of Dubai Wives.

From getting a work permit to finding a WiFi hotspot… or even connecting with a fun sport or social group, @home in Dubai has the inside scoop on how to get it done.  Knowing the drill is half the battle and O’Connell, and other expats who weigh in with their advice and experiences, are happy to share a few ‘how tos’.

“O’Connell is the perfect authority. Having relocated to Dubai herself a few years ago with her airline pilot husband, and moving on to get herself well and truly settled in the international community, she knows the ropes,” says publisher Jo Parfitt.

From importing her pet cat, to buying a car, plugging into the social and business networks and coping with metres of red tape, O’Connell has been there, done that and got the tee-shirt. The fact that researching, collating and disseminating information is her day job, means that @home in Dubai is both comprehensive and accessible, page after page.

“I’m a teacher, mentor and helper at heart and constantly find myself helping new friends or colleagues, personally, in their writing careers or getting settled into expat life. I was sending out regular updates on my escapades in Dubai and several people suggested I write a book about my experiences,” remembers O’Connell, who works as a freelance writer and public relations consultant.

O’Connell knew that if she were to produce a useful, accurate guide she needed to contact the ‘go to’ expats in the Emirate – bloggers, long-term expats and business people as well as those for whom family comes first. With countless tips and case studies from a wide range of residents, the book has become not only a vital resource, but also reads like you are having a chat with a friend.

For a sneak peek visit www.athomeindubai-gettingconnected.com.

For more information, contact Jo Parfitt at publicity@summertimepublishing.com or Anne O’Connell at anne@globalwritingsolutionsonline.com

@home in Dubai is available via all online bookstores. Click here for more information.


Publication date DECEMBER 12TH 2011

Price $19.99/£12.99/€14.99

Summertime Publishing

ISBN 978-1-904881-59-9

318 pp, paperback


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