As I have said many times, making a website work for you is all about getting a lot of things right.  The Internet is very competitive and there are many knowledgeable web marketeers around who know exactly what they are doing – and who are calculating and ruthless about getting things right.

So, from the start, you need to make sure that you have the ‘edge’ on your competition or quickly change the set-up you currently have, so that it works to your advantage.

Of course, one of the first things any of us think of doing is buying a domain name.  However, few people think carefully about this and most tend to just create a domain name that is the same as their business name or a name that they rather like.  This is short sighted, as two options exist that can help you greatly.

The first option is to create a domain name that matches as closely as possible the search term relevant to your principal activity.  This can help with Internet search results and it is well worth doing – unless you have a well-known brand name.

The second option is to buy an existing domain name that already has PR (Page Rank), links and content applicable to your proposed activity.  This can be a very clever thing to do as the Search Engines already ‘know’ about the domain name.  If the domain already has authority and links then it will rank for you much quicker for search results than a brand new domain which, by definition will lack any ‘authority’ – and ‘authority’, in the ‘eyes’ of the Search Engines, takes time to obtain.  The latter is something few people have when they want their website to be active and obtaining relevant traffic as soon as possible.

But how do you find existing domain names that are for sale and how do you decide which one you should buy?

Well, that is something we tell you about in The Laptop Entrepreneur– together with how to trade in domain names.  This can be a very good way of making an income and one that you can undertake without ever leaving your laptop!

Happy days!

Nick Snellingco-author of  The Laptop Entrepreneur (only £14.99): the book that shows you how to make a living on the Internet.



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