So – what is so important about having the right domain and how can you take advantage of this to enhance your Internet presence?

Well, having the ‘right’ domain is important but, like everything on the Net, it is important for several reasons.

Firstly, although this is becoming less important than in the past, the Search Engines look favourably for search results upon a domain name that is the same as a search term.  In other words, if your primary activity is the sale of brown suede shoes then there is much to be said for having the domain ‘brownsuedeshoes’.  This will help, perhaps not greatly – but the optimisation of sites is all about having every possible ‘edge’ against your competitors!

Secondly, the primary designation of a domain is important.  A primary designation is the .com,, .ru, .org .gov etc. that is at the end of a domain name.  These are important as the search engines bias results according to the primary designation of a domain name – with the country designation of particular importance.

The most ‘famous’ primary designation, of course, is .com and this is what a lot of people automatically buy.  However, it is not necessarily the right thing to do.  A .com has a strong American bias for search results and is therefore not appropriate if you are seeking to trade within a given country.

So, if your main activity is, for example, teaching English in Spain then you are better off having a .es than a .com.  Equally if, like my father, you specialise in the restoration of antiques in Surrey, England, for example, then you should have a designation.  The last thing my father needs is to have enquiries from around the world but what he does want is to specifically target his local area within his own country.  By having a he will obtain a bias from Google on search results against a competitor with a .com.

All of this means that, when creating a domain name you can act to immediately improve your chances of obtaining good search result ranking by just choosing the right name and designation.

Incidentally, having a domain name, different from your business name, matters not at all!  You can still call your business what you like – but try to make sure that your domain name acts positively for you in the tough and competitive world of search result ranking.  The question, of course, remains: what is the best name for your domain?

Well, that is what we tell you all about in The Laptop Entrepreneur – and how to use the excellent tools that exist to help you to pick the right name and one that will help you to get traffic onto your site…

By Nick Snellingco-author of The Laptop Entrepreneur (only £14.99): the book that shows you how to make a living on the Internet.



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