9781904881582-Laptop Entrepreneur COVER.inddHave you ever wondered why some web sites are on Page 1 of the search results whilst others (often attractive and well presented) are nowhere to be found – or are located on Page 5 or 17 (or even furtheraway from Page 1)?

Do you know why some web sites are on Page 1 Position 1 and others are on Page 1 but Position 6 or lower for the results of a search?

You may perhaps think that the Search Engines, such as Google or Yahoo, position web sites for search results in a random way?

Well, in fact, search result positioning of web sites is far from arbitrary and random.  Indeed, the position of a web site for search results is defined by the search engines through the use of complex algorithms, which define exactly the position of the web page that you see, having done a search.

You may be asking whether this is important – and where it is leading to?

Well, you should know that if a web page is Page 1 Position 1 for a search term then some 40% of all the people who have done a search for the term concerned will ‘click’ onto the Page 1 Position 1 web page.  20 % will then click onto Page 1 Position 2, 11% on Page 1 Position 2 and so on.

This means that if a web page is on Page 2 for search results then it is unlikely to be ever seen by a searcher, with the chances of anyone ‘clicking’ onto a web page on Page 3 or 19 or 30 almost impossibly miniscule.

So, if you have a web site your aim should be to get your web site onto Page 1 (preferably Position 1!) for the search results of your most important search terms.  If you do this then you will get traffic onto your web site – if you do not then your lovely, carefully designed web site may never receive much (if any!) traffic, let alone sufficient to benefit you.

Of course, the algorithms of the search engines are secret and no one (apart from the Search Engine techies) knows exactly how the algorithms work!

However, there are guidelines about how to provide the search engines with what they want and how to drive a web site up relevant search result rankings. In fact, getting your web site onto Page 1 can vary between being relatively easy to virtually impossible, depending upon the existing competition for the search term concerned.

How do you take your web site from being ‘lost’ (far away from the Page 1 search results for your search terms) to a Page 1 search result positioning?

Well, that is something that we tell you about in The Laptop Entrepreneur– the book that can help you to maximise your presence on the Internet.

In fact, The Laptop Entrepreneur does much more than just tell you how to get your web site working and on Page 1 of search results!  It is a ‘route map’ for anyone wanting to know how to earn a living from using the Internet and includes major sections on Affiliate Marketing, Market Research, Blogging, Social Media, Copy Writing and dealing in Domains.

So – if you want to know more (and to get your ‘lost’ web site where it needs to be!) then have a look at The Laptop Entrepreneur.  It could change your life, make you independent and power your business (if you have one already) or show you how to create one that will earn you a living…

Nick Snellingco-author of The Laptop Entrepreneur: the book that shows you how to make a living on the Internet.


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