All Summertime and Springtime titles you see here are available to purchase on Amazon worldwide and other online bookstores.


Bookstores can purchase books via Bertram, Gardners and the usual book wholesalers. All books are registered with Nielsen Title Editor. Currently books are published print on demand, no sale or return, 25% discount with free shipping with Europe/US. Short runs for the most popular titles are currently under consideration. Want to negotiate for bigger discount and better terms? Contact to discuss discounts of up to 50%.


Want to read any of our books in your bookclub? Order 10 copies or more, get 25% discount PLUS our authors can supply reading club notes on request and Skype chat with you (time zone permitting).

Organisations, schools or companies

Discounts are as follows:
1-9 books 20% discount
10-49 books 25% discount
50-99 books 35% discount
100 + books 40% discount

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