Book Signing: Vibrant West African Cuisine

West African food isn’t just another meal. It’s a celebration of flavour, community, and history. It brings people together, nourishing body and spirit. It has the nutrition of powerful superfoods, married to the indulgence of exotic spices. There’s nothing quite like it. Join us for the book signing of Vibrant West African Cuisine and experience the magic […]

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Lisa Ferland reviews Monday Morning Emails

“Unlike many memoirs, #MondayMorningEmails takes the personal stories a step further, and the last 81 pages contain advice and resources from psychologists, counselors, and coaches who specialize in Third Culture Kid (TCK) subject areas to provide support to families.” Read full review | About the Book  

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Italy, a Romantic Journey – Award Winning Finalist

Italy, a Romantic Journey is Award Winning Finalist in the Travel: Guides & Essays category of the 2018 International Book Awards. Well done to author and photographer, Rochelle Cheever. Italy has always been a destination for travelers. For centuries, Rome was the caput mundi, center of the known world. Even after the fall of the […]

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A Positive Result by Joanne Pasquale

New from Summertime Publishing, A Positive Result by Joanne Pasquale. One boy with Down syndrome and a mum who refused to let others tell her what he could or couldn’t achieve. One in a thousand babies born in the UK every year has an extra chromosome that means they have Down syndrome. This is one boy’s […]

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Jane Barron Reviews Misunderstood

Misunderstood comprehensively explores the impact international life can have on children growing up overseas in the 21st century. It is written for two main audiences: traditional Third Culture Kids (TCKs) – “children of expatriates, growing up in families that live as foreigners abroad,” and those who care for them – parents, educators, youth workers, extracurricular coaches […]

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