In Search of the Best Swedish Chokladbollar – out now!

Alaine Handa

A southeast Asian falls in love with fika.

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Chokladbollar are Swedish chocolate balls. Let Alaine introduce you to her favorite snack through a collection of 30 alternately naughty, healthy and exotic – but always delicious – recipes. Alaine’s a global soul and chokladbollar, a constant in her nomadic lifestyle, reflect her culturally diverse upbringing. A recent convert to the Swedish art of fika, Alaine is keen to share the virtues of taking time out of our busy schedules to sit down with friends or on your own with a steaming cup of hot coffee and a chokladboll. Fika’s about taking the time to reflect on our manic lives and to remember what’s important to us. Chokladbollar are the perfect accompaniment to this and are an ideal gift for an old friend, a dinner party dessert or fun activity to create with the kids.

Alaine’s book is written in a fun and accessible manner, making it a great pick me up after a long day at the office or a tempting treat for all ages. She has fleshed out the recipes with an investigation of fika culture in contemporary Sweden, complete with city guides and a tour of some of the coolest new coffee bars in town. Scandinavian design’s one of the hottest out there right now – this book distills some of that in the art of making these simple yet profound treats.

“The first time I tried Alaine’s chokladbollar, it was as if my tastebuds threw a party and the chokladboll was the special guest.” Marilyn White, finalist in The Amazing Food Challenge, Season 3

“Alaine is more obsessed with chokladbollar than any Swede I know.” Pierre Orsander, food writer

“Alaine is truly passionate about chokladbollar and her chokladbollar are delicious!” Karen Turner, freelance writer and blogger, Wanderlustingk

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Italy, A Romantic Journey

Italy has always been a destination for travelers. For centuries, Rome was the caput mundi, center of the known world. Even after the fall of the empire, all roads led to Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church, a place of pilgrimage. In the 17th century, Italy became the primary destination of the Grand Tour, a trip essential for educating young men of means to experience Italy’s antiquity, art and architecture. But they saw more than they were sent to find. They saw sunlight, passion, a hunger for life. Why Italy? Because it is breathtaking. They say on the seventh day God didn’t rest, he created Italy.

Let celebrated photographer, Rochelle Cheever, take you on a romantic journey of her top ten Italian destinations –  Rome, Capri, Florence,  Polignano a Mare, Venice, Lake Como, Positano, Orvieto, Ravello, Chianti – with her stunning imagery capturing the very essence that is Italy.

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My Life Abroad – now out on Kindle

My Life Abroad: A selection of expat stories

Compiled and edited by Florence Gindre & Cyril Richert
Illustrated by Cyril Richert

Since 2011, has been a public voice for many expat bloggers through regular interviews published on the website. With hundreds of stories available, this book is an anthology of some of the best stories, with every piece prefaced with a jokey illustration.

My Life Abroad

The book is now available as a Kindle Edition!

(Read with Kindle, iPad & Tablets, mobile phones …)

Read what some of the readers said about “My Life Abroad”:

“This book is full of entertaining stories about the actuality that people from different countries experience when living out of their home comfort zones. A fun compulsive read!

Ms J. Matcham – Amazon

“As a person who spent most of his career abroad, working in many different countries, I really enjoyed reading this book! I felt so close to many of the stories that these expat are sharing with us.”

Patrice – Amazon

“Great book about expats all around the world. Each individual story is enlightening and triggers more curiosity towards the visited country. I am expat myself and find so many things in this book really true.

ppravier – Amazon

 “This is more than an individual story. It is the story of us as people and the world we live in today.


“Many of the stories are fun, thoughtful and well worth buying a bookmark for.

Jack Scott, Author

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Misunderstood, Summertime Publishing’s latest #TCK title

Summertime Publishing proudly announce their latest #TCK title, Misunderstood: The impact of growing up overseas in the 21st century by Tanya Crossman.

MisunderstoodOver 200 million people currently live abroad; more than 50 million are temporary residents, intending to return to their country of origin. Misunderstood explores the impact international life can have on the children of such families – while they live overseas, when they return, and as they mature into adults. Similarities in their shared experiences (regardless of the different countries in which they have lived) create a safe space of comfort and understanding. Tanya Crossman introduces this space – the Third Culture – through the personal stories of hundreds of individuals. Whether you grew up overseas, are raising children overseas, or know a family living abroad, Misunderstood will equip you with insights into the international experience, along with practical suggestions for how to offer meaningful care and support.

“This is the guidebook I want to give people to explain my cultural upbringing.”

Christopher O’Shaughnessy, International Speaker, author, Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between

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