A second publisher makes their home at Expat Bookshop

Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies and the soon to be published Turkey Street, heads up the new Springtime Books. He will continue to work closely with Jo Parfitt, Publisher and Mentor and Jane Dean, Production Manager and Editor from Summertime Publishing. Together the team now known by some as ‘The Three Js’ is bigger and better than ever and ExpatBookshop looks set for more great books to join its shelves.


Joint LogoExpatBookshop has long been the home of Summertime Publishing. Today, on April 18th 2015, its little sister, Springtime Books, has joined the family. Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies and the soon to be published Turkey Street, is in charge and will continue to work closely with Jo Parfitt, Publisher and Mentor and Jane Dean, Production Manager and Editor over at Summertime. Together the team now known by some as ‘The Three Js’ is bigger and better than ever and ExpatBookshop looks set for more great books to join its shelves.

Watch the It’s Time video on YouTube to get a taste of what Springtime Books is all about. They are excited and think you will be too.


Jo created Summertime in 1997 to publish her own books. Since then it has grown to offer a complete bespoke service that includes mentoring, editing, design, publishing and promotion. In 2008 she began to publish titles by other authors and hire a growing number of freelancers, who, like her, are also based abroad. Summertime has now worked with hundreds of authors and published more than 90 books.

There is no more perfect time for a change than in spring. Not only have two familiar faces joined the management team, but a new all-inclusive program has been created too.

It’s hard to believe that just three years ago Jo handled all aspects of the business alone. Today, the team is truly global and stretches from South Africa to the USA, Malaysia, the Netherlands and England.

Jack and Jane Join the Management Team and it’s Springtime

Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies and the soon-to-be-published sequel, Turkey Street, has jumped in to manage a brand new imprint – Springtime Books. While Summertime will now focus on publishing expatriate family titles, Springtime will handle other genres. Not only has Springtime just published its first new book, Passage of the Stork, by Madeleine Lenagh, but has also taken thirteen Summertime favourites under its wing.

“I’m delighted to be part of an exciting new venture that enables writers to find their voice and to get the word out online,” says Norwich-based Jack, who now offers a comprehensive service to help authors develop a dynamic online presence, which includes virtual book tours and book trailers for that Hollywood moment.

Jane Dean, for a long time Production Manager and Editor, has moved up to assist Jo in all aspects of running Summertime Publishing.

“I’m looking forward to the launch of this new venture and thrilled to be working more closely with Jo and Jack, who have so much to offer existing and aspiring writers. Being involved in the start-up of Springtime – and the refocus of Summertime – has been an exciting and hugely rewarding time,” comments Jane, who is based in The Hague.

Springtime will work closely with Summertime, publishing Springtime authors and handling digital editions. Meanwhile Jo and Jane will continue to provide their by-your-side service from ‘brainwave to bookshelf’.

A Brand New Service

Authors can be picky and demanding (and rightly so). This is why they have produced a new All-inclusive Program that includes a complete service from final manuscript to publication of print and digital editions. For those needing a little more we are offering a menu of Add-ons too.

The Great Spring Giveaway

To celebrate, both Springtime and Summertime are holding a GRAND SPRING GIVEAWAY.

Ten Springtime and Summertime authors are giving away copies of their books between 18th April and 17th May on Goodreads. Books include Passage of the Stork, Career in Your Suitcase and Safe Passage. Click here for details.




or visit:

Summertime Publishing

Springtime Books



Renata Harper, Expat-Living.info Guide to Cape Town

“Expat-Living.info Guide to Cape Town” by Renata Harper provides you with all you need to know to prepare and move to Cape Town, South Africa, as well as settle in easily.

Cape Town_Expat-Living.info Guide_cover

Expat-Living.info Guide to Cape Town: The comprehensive manual that includes first hand experiences, extensive research, vast know-how, sound advice and local contacts.

Whether you’re moving to Cape Town or already living there as an expat, this comprehensive e-guide offers all you need to know to make the most of your expat experience in the Mother City.

The Guide to Cape Town is like having a relocation guide in your pocket. Depending on your needs, you may prefer to purchase a) e-guide only or b) e-guide with personal consultations with Renata via email. In the Guide you can expect:

  • Tips on effectively preparing for your move
  • Exact prices for goods and services in Cape Town
  • Advice on where and how to live safely
  • Information on international schools in Cape Town and how they compare to local schools
  • How to get onto the road, into the shops and online quickly and without hassles
  • Where and how to find new friends in Cape Town
  • Where to go to find your “can’t-live-without” specialities from home
  • How to employ domestic employees, including a sample contract
  • Where and when to go on safari and how to save money while optimising your “bush experience”
  • Interviews with expats currently in Cape Town
  • … and lots more.

Buy the guide here: www.expat-living.info/capetown-expat-guide (Top tip: Ask your company to reimburse you for the cost of the guide.)

BONUS! Visit www.expat-living.info/free-expat-ebooks to download these 6 free e-books:

  1. Making the Decision to Move Abroad
  2. Supporting Your Expat Child
  3. Selecting Your New Home
  4. 3 Steps for Settling In Quickly
  5. Making New Friends
  6. Preparation for the Accompanying Partner

WEBSITE: www.expat-living.info/capetown-expat-guide

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/expat-living.info

TWITTER: @theglobalwriter


“The Expat-Living.info Guide to Cape Town is like having a local friend who shows you what to do and what not to do in Cape Town. The guide is elaborate and honest and gives no-nonsense information that will guard you from the most common slip-ups and pitfalls in Cape Town. The author’s humour, frankness and writing style make it a pleasure to read. Essential for a well-prepared move to South Africa’s ‘mother city’.” – Bregje, the Netherlands

“The Expat-Living.info Guide to Cape Town shows you that there is so much to do in Cape Town… and its hints on making friends will be of value anywhere in the world. Very informative… and I really appreciated the safety tips.” – Rachel, Zimbabwe

“This Guide has reassured me that I am not alone as an accompanying spouse … Relocating is an exciting adventure but the novelty quickly turns to reality and as the accompanying spouse I have often felt like I am responsible for keeping the home a ‘happy’ place. I found the Guide’s advice really encouraging and motivating. It has also reignited my desire to explore Cape Town even further and to network that little bit more” – Debbie, England

“This is an essential guide and I wish I’d had this when I arrived in Cape Town. It would have saved me a lot of time and naive questions, as well as many awkward situations. A must-have for all expats fresh off the plane in South Africa!” – Jan, the Netherlands.


Jodi Harris, The Expat Activity Book

Whether you’re a diplomat, missionary or study abroad student, “The Expat Activity Book” (CreateSpace, 2014) will give you new tools and insight for personal growth.

The Expat Activity Book: 20 Personal Development Activities for Gaining Insight and Maximizing Your Potential Wherever You Are

Whether you’re a diplomat, a military family member, a recently returned volunteer, missionary, study abroad student or intern, The Expat Activity Book (CreateSpace, July 2014) is designed to give you new tools and insight for personal growth. Written in an accessible, conversational style, The Expat Activity Book draws on author Jodi Harris’s years of experience as an expat, social worker and life coach. Each of the activities addresses a specific experience commonly faced by people who move from one country to another, including: understanding how to better live outside your comfort zone, cultivating awareness in the face of culture shock, developing community, preparing for transition, and many more. The self-paced activities can be revisited as needed and repeated any number of times. This book’s twenty activities will help you get unstuck, look at things anew and home in on what matters most to you…wherever you are.

About the Book


Ruth E Van Reken & David C Pollock, Third Culture Kids

The latest edition of “Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds” (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2009) by Ruth E Van Reken & David C Pollock shows how the TCK experience is becoming increasingly common and valuable.

Nearly a decade ago, Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds introduced the concept of and has been the authority on the experiences of “TCKs” – children who grow up or spend a significant part of their childhood living abroad. Early on, TCKs were identified as the rototype “citizen of the future.” That future is now, as more and more children are growing up among worlds, creating a culturally rich and diverse world. Rich with real-life anecdotes, Third Culture Kids, Revised Edition examines the nature of the TCK experience and its effect on maturing, developing a sense of identity and adjusting to one’s “passport country” upon return. For many third culture kids, this book will be their first opportunity to discover that they share a common heritage with countless others around the world. This expanded edition profiles the personal challenges that TCKs experience, from feelings of rootlessness and unresolved grief to struggles with maturity and identity. Highlighting dramatic changes brought about by instant communication and new mobility patterns, the new edition shows how the TCK experience is becoming increasingly common and valuable. The authors also expand the coverage to include “cross-cultural kids,” children of biracial or bicultural parents, immigrants and international adoptees – all of this bringing hidden diversity to our world and challenging our old notions of identity and “home.”






Ruth Van Reken is a second generation Third Culture Kid* (TCK) and mother of three now adult TCKs and co-author of Third Culture Kids:  Growing Up Among Worlds, rev. ed. (Nicholas Brealey) with David C. Pollock. She is also the author of Letters Never Sent, one of the first books written by an adult TCK examining the impact of his or her cross-cultural childhood. For the last twenty five years, Ruth has traveled extensively to over forty-five countries working with fellow adult TCKs, parents of TCKs, human resource people, educators, and other caregivers, about issues related to global family living.  Currently, Ruth is researching how lessons learned in this TCK context may also apply to other types of cross-cultural childhoods. Ruth is co-founder and past chairperson of the annual Families in Global Transition conference. In addition to her two books and various other articles, she was written  a chapter in Strangers at Home (Aletheia Publications), Unrooted Childhoods (Nicholas Brealey/Intercultural Press), and an upcoming book,  Writing Out of Limbo (Cambridge Scholars Publications).

*a child who spends a significant period of time during his or her developmental years growing up in a culture outside the parents’ culture.

David C. Pollock  is one of the first people to make those who grew up globally to realize they had a name and common connection with others. After living near an international school in Kenya during the 1970’s, Dave realized he was hearing many common themes from the expat children attending that school. He returned to the US and founded Interaction, International to try to be a resource for all organizations who were sending families overseas, hoping to help them deal more effectively with the challenges their children faced so they could use the gifts as well. For many years, Dave circled the globe tirelessly to spread the word of the TCK profile he had developed and the impact of transition on families. Sadly, in April, 2004, he collapsed during once such event in Vienna, Austria and died 9 days later on Easter Sunday.