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I’ve written my book – how do I find an editor?

If you’ve written your book, don’t take risks and think you need someone to just proofread your work – find an editor. From reading my previous two blog posts – So, you think you don’t need an Editor? Think Again, and Top Ten Tips for Editing like an Editor – you’ll know why. If you’re self-publishing […]

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Top Ten Tips for Editing Like an Editor

So how does an editor begin an edit and what do they look for? How can you, as a writer, edit your own work – before you send it to on to a professional editor for that final polish? TIP ONE: Think like an editor Every editor is different and will have a differing agenda […]

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So, You Don’t Need an Editor? Think Again

Depending on what you’re writing, how good a writer you are, whether you’ve published before or you’re working on your first manuscript, you should work with an editor at some point before publication. If you read the acknowledgements in any bestseller, you’ll realize that the most prolific writers in the world often have a whole […]

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5 Excellent Finance Books For Expats

Aviva Tabachnik, expat and personal finance writer as well as a Partnerships Executive at MyCurrencyTransfer, recommends her top 5 finance book for expats…

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Barbara Bruhwiler on potholes as big as a warthog’s bathtub

Barbara Bruhwiler, author of Guide to Johannesburg, talks about road safety in South Africa.

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