Lessons learned on the writing road

Jo Parfitt’s Inspirer Collection

Compiled by Dounia Bertuccelli Inspirational words written by writer, publisher, mentor and journalist, Jo Parfitt, between 2002 and 2012 for her Monthly Inspirer newsletter, received by 3000 subscribers worldwide. FREE to download.

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Lynne Harkes on “viewing reviewing”

Lynne Harkes, author of “Spinach Soup for the Walls: Finding my spirit in Africa” (Local Legend, 2012), reflects on the relationship between the book and reader’s (or reviewer’s) psyche.

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“Perking the Pansies” author, Jack Scott, on going from blog to book

Author Jack Scott discusses how his blog laid the foundations for his book, “Perking the Pansies – Jack and Liam Move to Turkey” (Summertime 2011).

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Author and publisher Jo Parfitt on the advantages of a shared book launch

Author and publisher Jo Parfitt discusses the advantages of a shared book launch. Parfitt is the author of numerous non-fiction books as well as the recently published novel “Sunshine Soup” (Summertime, 2011). She shared her book launch with Jae De Wylde, author of “The Thinking Tank” (Summertime, 2011).

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11 first-hand tips on writing – and selling – your book

Jack Scott, author of “Perking the Pansies – Jack and Liam move to Turkey” (Summertime, 2011), shares his greatest tips to success in writing and selling your book.

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