A few months ago, Dr. Lisa Pittman and Diana Smit, co authors of Expat Teens Talk, were asked to participate in a conference for International School Nurses in South East Asia. One of the themes of the conference was to learn more about their students, most of whom are ‘Third Culture Kids’. 

The conference was held in Singapore, which meant Smit was able to present live with Dr. Pittman co-presenting via Skype. The room held 90 nurses who were “interested, engaged and proved to be a lively and interactive audience”.

Questions and conversations led to the discovery that most International School Nurses have no real understanding or knowledge of Third Culture Kids and therefore feel they are untrained to spot behaviour related to the transient nature of the lives of their students. Depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, inappropriate behaviour, perpetual sadness, and attachment disorder can all be signs of what the Third Culture Kid displays as a result of difficulty with his/her recent relocation or the constant confrontation of saying good-bye to yet another friend who is leaving.

Dr Pittman and Smit provided plenty of good insights and information on who the Third Culture Kid or ‘Expat Teen’ (same person different name) is, how they differ as a result of life experiences from their monocultural peers, and how to identify potential struggles and most importantly how to support them accordingly.

If you’d like to know more about this topic, get a copy of Expat Teens Talk to support your knowledge and understanding of the Expat Teen. Whether you are a parent, a professional or an Expat Teen yourself, this book is for you.


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