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Now That’s What I Call a Book Launch

Mariam Ottimofiore lives in Cascais, Portugal and The Guilty Can’t Say Goodbye is her second book, but her first novel. Mariam, award-winning blogger of And Then We Moved To and now at Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore, is brilliant at branding and a marvel at matchy-matchy. Her first book This Messy Mobile Life has a turquoise cover with white and touches of mustard yellow. Her websites are the same. From the family photos on the wall to the coasters on her coffee table and the pictures on the wall of her office, all follow this theme. Follow her on Instagram and you will soon notice how her clothing always blends with the scene behind her. Further, if her husband or children appear in the image, they match too. Is it a clever trick? Is it deliberate? Mariam claims she just loves yellow, blue and turquoise and wherever she finds it she can’t resist a photo. I think she’s savvy. So when she invited me to her home to MC for the launch of Guilty, I was straight on the Ryanair website to book my flight. Ryanair, too, got her colour memo of blue and yellow. You think I’m joking?

Jo Parfitt

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