Today we’re thrilled to welcome Aviva Tabachnik to Expat Bookshop. Aviva is an expat and personal finance writer as well as a Partnerships Executive at MyCurrencyTransfer – an OPP award-winning currency comparison site. Recently, she helped launch sister site by representing the UK as part of a UKTI trade mission to SXSW, the largest technology show in the USA. Here Aviva recommends her top 5 finance book for expats…

“Migrating to another country isn’t usually something people just do on a whim. The process can take months and even years of planning and preparation. In addition to the mountains of legal paperwork you will have to wrangle with, there are also many financial factors to consider when moving to another country. How much tax will you need to pay? How much will it cost to move your things? How do you arrange money transfers from one country to another?

Fortunately, there are many books that have been written on the financial aspects of becoming an expat and moving to a foreign land. Here are 5 of the best that should help you to move in the most economical way.

1. Expat Money – The Definitive Personal Finance Manual For Brits Abroad by Hannah Beecham

Whatever your level of wealth or your understanding of finance, this is one book that you will want to read. It gets to grips with everything you need to know about managing your offshore money, managing your financial affairs in a foreign land, exchanging and transferring currencies, taxation laws and spotting the best local bargains. It’s a great step-by-step guide that takes you through the intricacies of expat finances.

2. The Tax Book For Expats by Dan E Gordon

The Tax Book for Expats offers a comprehensive guide to the many tax issues faced by the expat living abroad. You’ll find everything you need laid out in a sensible and easy to use way and a whole host of tax precautions and benefits that will help you along the way. Whether you need to fill out a tax form or you are looking for ways to reduce your taxes in your new home country, this is the book that will help you.

3. PERspective: Pros and Cons of Expat Life – Experience From 25 Years And 84 Countries by Per Ostberg

When it comes to expat life, few people have more experience than Per Ostberg. His memoirs of living in 84 different countries over 25 years is part diary and part guidebook. His questions and answers throughout the book take us through many subjects including avoiding scams and other financial traps and know how to make money stretch further when times may be a little tight at the start of the expat journey. When you need a break from the more theory driven books, Per’s insights offer a fun and knowledgeable perspective.

4. Don Freeman’s Expat Financial Guide by Don Freeman

Don covers many financial aspects in his book and this is a great guide to have with you on your travels and for dipping in and out of along the way. Whether you are interested in budgeting tips, managing currency exposure, pension transfers or avoiding common expat financial mistakes, Don has seemingly covered everything in his handy book. It’s only available on the Kindle right now, but that’s perfect for the expat who likes to travel light.

5. The Expatriate’s Guide To Handling Money And Taxes by Doug Goldstein

Doug Goldstein’s book is a must-read for any American citizen thinking of living or in the process of moving to another country. Learn if you need to report your taxes to Uncle Sam or whether you are eligible for voluntary disclosure programs. There is also a handy and very easy to follow checklist of everything you need to know about being a US expat overseas. Plus it’s written by a professional expat with large and varied experience in cross-border finances.


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