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A Seasonal Gift from Jo Parfitt

A Life Story Jar is made from the pieces and experiences that make you who you are.
Author and teacher Jo Parfitt’s Life Story Jar idea was inspired by the Japanese ginger jar. We are born as perfect porcelain. By the time we reach middle life we have experienced so much but may have developed a few cracks. In the 15th century the Japanese turned the act of piecing broken vases back together with golden glue into an art form called kintsugi. The cracks made the jar more precious.
The pieces are your stories and the golden glue is the magic of sharing those stories.
The Life Story Jar programme will help you to find the pieces that make you who you are. Jo Parfitt, the author of 32 books and a teacher for over 30 years, gently guides, teaches and inspires you to create and preserve a collection of written pieces about your life. These stories can then be stored, saved and printed in a metaphorical jar – a Life Story Jar.
Prompted by Jo you will revisit your past, look closely at your experiences and delight in your memories. Jo is renowned for inspiring writers and non-writers alike to pick up the pen.

Check out Jo’s Life Story Jay programme by trying out a lesson for free, without obligation.

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