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100 Days in Spain by Jo Weaver

Jo and her partner Jan set off from their home in Prague to their summer home in Marbella at the beginning of March for their regular one week a month in the sun. They ended up being locked-down for 100 days. The whole of Europe watched in horror as the Covid-19 crisis unfolded, first in Italy, then in Spain and finally throughout the world.

Spain itself had the hardest lockdown of all countries, and once it became clear that there was no chance for Jo and Jan to get themselves home to Prague, Jo realised that she would need to devise a lot of different activities to keep them both sane and avoid a potential murder.

Sometimes very political, sometimes hilarious, her daily diary was put out as a blog on social media channels each day (and sent to family and friends, its original purpose, to keep them informed) and by DAY 50 it was being downloaded by up to 2,000 people each day.

This is Jo’s diary, covering every day from arrival in Marbella until their return to Prague. Sadly it was meant to end there, but, of course, it continued. Her second diary, entitled SECOND WAVE will follow sometime soon!

Available in print and Kindle editions.

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