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The Raft That Soared – Out Now!

Dedicated to kids and families on the move, everywhere Dr Rebecca Bower and Steven Ayling Join Sahana and David as they navigate the waters of change and transition. Delve into their world of hopes, fears and dreams as their journey of self-discovery takes them to unfamiliar places. As you experience their world, we hope that… Read More The Raft That Soared – Out Now!

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The Golden Land, Complex and Enduring

Elizabeth Shick’s debut novel The Golden Land is a significant achievement. In it, the microcosm of one family’s experiences gestures toward the macrocosm of Myanmar’s complex history. Long called “the golden land” for the golden pagodas and stupas dotting the landscape, Myanmar has endured beyond name changes and shifting political tides. In The Golden Land, Shick portrays a… Read More The Golden Land, Complex and Enduring