Leading Across New Borders; How To Succeed as the Center Shifts

Ernest Gundling, Christie Caldwell and Karen Cvitkovich

An insightful, real–world look at the skills today′s global leadership demands.

Leading Across Borders is the leadership guide for the new business environment. The world′s economic center of gravity is shifting at a rapid pace huge emerging economies have already emerged. As businesses operate in an increasingly global context, the most successful leaders are able to see through the eyes of others and to hear the voices of customers and colleagues from around the world. They build their own personal networks, navigate differences, and work effectively across new borders both the physical borders between countries and the limits of old leadership paradigms.

This book features direct input from people in critical roles around the world, advice based on deep practical experience, and new data that identifies the distinctive challenges of leading in an environment becoming more thoroughly interdependent every day. There is valuable advice for anyone taking on a global leadership role. You′ll find strategies and tools for working across cultures, leading inclusively, running a matrix team, innovating, integrating an acquisition, and making tough ethical choices. Each chapter challenges established leadership models and shares hard–won expertise in dealing effectively with a changing reality that includes both fast–growth and slow–growth markets. You will learn how to serve more numerous stakeholders and to achieve your goals in a complex organizational structure without having direct lines of authority. This insightful guide helps you work more effectively at the self, team, and organizational levels, so you can get things done and grow your business.

The increasing importance of China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and other developing economies has opened the world of business leadership far beyond our own borders. This book gives you a framework for coordinating it all, and being the leader your organization needs.

  • Operate insightfully at the personal level in order to better lead others
  • Shape, motivate, and drive your global team to exceptional performance
  • Navigate differences in culture, language, economics, and more
  • Exercise your vision, influence, and expertise to lead your organization forward

The trend toward global leadership has emerged full–blown amidst the rising global economy. Today′s leadership must understand how to work effectively and efficiently across a variety of contexts. Leading Across Borders provides a roadmap to the new leadership paradigm, helping you expand your own skillset and create forward momentum.

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