Do you still have cleavage with just one breast? Love in action

Do you still have cleavage with just one breast?‘Sue is love in action. Daring to share her personal (and intimate) diary – which provided her a safe place to express her own experience of cancer – in order to help others is just one example. Her empowering tips at the end are valuable not just for those experiencing cancer, but also things which you did not choose, would not have chosen and would not have wished for yourself but still have to find your way through.’

Colleen Reichrath-Smith, co-author of A Career in Your Suitcase

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Summertime author, Tanya Crossman talks to DrieCulturen

MisunderstoodInterview with Tanya Crossman, author of Misunderstood, the impact of growing up overseas in the 21st century.

When and where did you first hear of the term “Third Culture Kid” (TCK)? How did you hear of it and in which way did it help you?

When I first started working with TCKs I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a TCK! I quickly realised there was something different about these kids due to their unique situations, but it was still two or three years before I started reading literature on the topic. David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken’s classic Third Culture Kids was eye-opening. What really struck me was the section on repatriation – I kept thinking “that’s me!” For the first time I realised my time in the US was a TCK experience. It helped me understand why it had been so hard to “go home”.


Author Kathleen Gamble talks about her expat experience

Expat AlienKathleen Gamble, author of Expat Alien talks about her adventures on Thirdeyemom.

‘I am what you might call a “reverse” expat.  I was born in Burma and lived almost my entire life outside my passport country until it was time to be sent off to college.  My father worked in international agriculture and we lived in Mexico, Colombia, and Nigeria.  I went to boarding school in Texas and Switzerland.  We weren’t expats because my parents were looking for a better job or because they wanted a change.  They really believed in what they were doing and hoped they could have an influence on making the world a better place.  After they had been at it a few years they realized they weren’t going to change the world but their philosophy was if they could help just one person to have a better life, it was worth the trouble.’

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Misundertstood, a must have #TCK book

Misunderstood“Misunderstood, indeed! This book is a ‘must have’ for anyone who is interested in or works within Third Culture Life. The information and real-life experiences shared reflect the reality of what it is to be a ‘global citizen’ and the importance of having a framework to support TCKs/Expat Youth. I plan to use this book as a resource, and I highly recommend it to others. Thank you, Tanya, for supporting this population, and for providing such a valuable tool.”

Dr Lisa Pittman, Licensed Psychologist (USA), Registered Psychologist (UK), Co-Author of Expat Teens Talk

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