Insights and Interviews: A Fine Addition to Any Leaving Pack About Relocating

Insights-and-Interviews-FIGTInsights and Interviews would be a helpful resource for people making an international move and a fine addition to any information pack about relocating. I know I would have been grateful for something like this when I moved from Australia to the Middle East ten years ago.








Highly Recommended to TCKs

adventuresarrivals_LOW-RES-COVERNot only did Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-between make me think critically about my third culture experience, but it also helped me understand the roots of my emotions and my reactions to change. As a TCK, I highly recommend this book to other third culture kids, as well as any parent, family member, or friend who desires to better understand and support TCKs.



Will Benefit Any Transitioning Teenager

coverglobalnomadsguidetouniversityThe Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition will benefit any teenager transitioning out of one culture and into another for university, as well as parents looking for advice on how to help their children enter this new phase of their life. Though there is no way to completely eliminate the challenges that a TCK will face, having this knowledge beforehand and keeping Quick’s useful suggestions in mind will undoubtedly make the transition easier.


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