An Interview with Madeleine Lenagh

POTSCoverLoRes LOW RESSpringtime Book’s editor-in-chief, Jane Dean, talks to Madeleine Lenagh about her inspirational debut book, Passage of the Stork, delivering the soul.

Madeleine talks about how she came to write the book, its message and how she plans to get it noticed. Read the Interview here.

About the Book


Passage of the Stork by Madeleine Lenagh

Passage of the StorkMadeleine grows up in a home filled with secrets, occasional violence, and little affection. A shy and sensitive child, she feels at home in nature and in the world of books. As a young adult, she escapes to the Netherlands and settles down to raise a family and build a career. But her real journey has just begun.

Her life story is told using poetic vignettes and commentary by archetypes from Nordic mythology and fairy tales, with the aim of inspiring others to understand their life’s journey and have the courage to make difficult choices.


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“Read, learn, feel.”

Linda Wormhoudt, author and shamanic teacher,

“An inspiring life story told by a wise woman!”

Pauline van Hezik, certified 5Rhythms® teacher

“Madeleine’s vivid prose and extraordinary narrative technique held me spell-bound.”

Sabine Eiche, writer and columnist

 “A must read for those who seek their soul’s true design.”

Robin Youngblood, author, Path of the White Wolf

round_maddiMadeleine Lenagh was born in the United States and grew up in Westport, Connecticut. She moved to the Netherlands in 1970. This book is her life story. Madeleine is a trained counselor  and body-worker. Additional training in Systemic Ritual®, mindfulness, and Voice Dialogue followed. After a long career in urban planning and project management, she took early retirement and opened a practice for life coaching and counseling. She works with individual clients and organizes workshops, helping people make difficult choices, process grief and loss, learn to take care of themselves, and live their lives in accordance with their soul’s longing. She shares her passion for nature with others through her writing, art and photography, and shamanic practices.


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A second publisher makes their home at Expat Bookshop

Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies and the soon to be published Turkey Street, heads up the new Springtime Books. He will continue to work closely with Jo Parfitt, Publisher and Mentor and Jane Dean, Production Manager and Editor from Summertime Publishing. Together the team now known by some as ‘The Three Js’ is bigger and better than ever and ExpatBookshop looks set for more great books to join its shelves.


Joint LogoExpatBookshop has long been the home of Summertime Publishing. Today, on April 18th 2015, its little sister, Springtime Books, has joined the family. Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies and the soon to be published Turkey Street, is in charge and will continue to work closely with Jo Parfitt, Publisher and Mentor and Jane Dean, Production Manager and Editor over at Summertime. Together the team now known by some as ‘The Three Js’ is bigger and better than ever and ExpatBookshop looks set for more great books to join its shelves.

Watch the It’s Time video on YouTube to get a taste of what Springtime Books is all about. They are excited and think you will be too.


Jo created Summertime in 1997 to publish her own books. Since then it has grown to offer a complete bespoke service that includes mentoring, editing, design, publishing and promotion. In 2008 she began to publish titles by other authors and hire a growing number of freelancers, who, like her, are also based abroad. Summertime has now worked with hundreds of authors and published more than 90 books.

There is no more perfect time for a change than in spring. Not only have two familiar faces joined the management team, but a new all-inclusive program has been created too.

It’s hard to believe that just three years ago Jo handled all aspects of the business alone. Today, the team is truly global and stretches from South Africa to the USA, Malaysia, the Netherlands and England.

Jack and Jane Join the Management Team and it’s Springtime

Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies and the soon-to-be-published sequel, Turkey Street, has jumped in to manage a brand new imprint – Springtime Books. While Summertime will now focus on publishing expatriate family titles, Springtime will handle other genres. Not only has Springtime just published its first new book, Passage of the Stork, by Madeleine Lenagh, but has also taken thirteen Summertime favourites under its wing.

“I’m delighted to be part of an exciting new venture that enables writers to find their voice and to get the word out online,” says Norwich-based Jack, who now offers a comprehensive service to help authors develop a dynamic online presence, which includes virtual book tours and book trailers for that Hollywood moment.

Jane Dean, for a long time Production Manager and Editor, has moved up to assist Jo in all aspects of running Summertime Publishing.

“I’m looking forward to the launch of this new venture and thrilled to be working more closely with Jo and Jack, who have so much to offer existing and aspiring writers. Being involved in the start-up of Springtime – and the refocus of Summertime – has been an exciting and hugely rewarding time,” comments Jane, who is based in The Hague.

Springtime will work closely with Summertime, publishing Springtime authors and handling digital editions. Meanwhile Jo and Jane will continue to provide their by-your-side service from ‘brainwave to bookshelf’.

A Brand New Service

Authors can be picky and demanding (and rightly so). This is why they have produced a new All-inclusive Program that includes a complete service from final manuscript to publication of print and digital editions. For those needing a little more we are offering a menu of Add-ons too.

The Great Spring Giveaway

To celebrate, both Springtime and Summertime are holding a GRAND SPRING GIVEAWAY.

Ten Springtime and Summertime authors are giving away copies of their books between 18th April and 17th May on Goodreads. Books include Passage of the Stork, Career in Your Suitcase and Safe Passage. Click here for details.


or visit:

Summertime Publishing

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Directory of TCK & CCK Blogs & Websites (N to Z)

Expat Bookshop presents the most comprehensive list of TCK and CCK blogs and websites ever! (Part 2).

Expat Bookshop has teamed up with TCKID and Dounia Bertuccelli, the blogger behind Next Stop, to create a comprehensive list of TCK and CCK blogs and websites.

Have we missed anything?

Let Jack know at



Dounia Bertuccelli is a TCK who grew up in Cyprus, USA, Mexico, Philippines, Australia and France. Her blog focuses on her experiences as an Adult Third Culture Kid and growing up as a TCK. Next Stop is an eclectic collection of non-fiction prose, poetry, book reviews and photography.



Find a list of compelling TCK-related articles compiled (and frequently written) by Rachel Pieh Jones, an expat, author, development worker and mother of three Third Culture Kids. US-born Rachel has lived in Somalia, Kenya, France and Djibouti.



Originally from the US, MaDonna Maurer and her husband (a German adult TCK) currently live in Asia. She describes her family as the “Fusion Family, for we seem to be fused together by culture, race, and disabilities”.


RNG offers a wide range of educational consulting, from assisting international students with US college admissions to finding the right learning environment for those with learning disabilities. The RNG blog often covers TCK- and CCK-related topics.



Their vision is to “provide short-term guidance and professional mentors to third culture, global nomad and expat students in high school and university.”


As a TCK Silvana travelled between Germany, Italy, Thailand and Yugoslavia and finally to America. Her website concentrates on travel between these countries, often relating personal stories but also style, politics and film/arts.


Blog from Maryam Afnan Ahmad, Cherie Emigh, Ulrike Gemmer, Bárbara Menezes, Kathryn Tonges or Lucinda Willshire, the six co-authors of Slurping Soup and Other Confusions, a collection of real-life stories and related activities for your TCKs.

Read more about the book, Slurping Soup and Other Confusions: True stories and activities to help third culture kids during transition (Summertime Publishing), here.


This comprehensive resource includes real-life study abroad stories as well as plenty of support on studying abroad, travelling as a student on a budget, learning a language, and more.


Summertime Publishing specialises in publishing and republishing books by and for people living abroad with a particular emphasis on third culture kids and issues affecting the global family.



Author of Hidden in My Heart: A TCK’s Journey through Cultural Transition, Taylor Murray has a passion for writing and supporting third culture kids. A TCK herself, Taylor desires to give voice to the unheard life stories of those living abroad and the people who impact them. She lives in Hiroshima, Japan.


The TCKid Community is a free forum where you can connect and communicate with TCKids around the world. This active global community also has an educational TV/radio station for TCKs.


Third culture kids have a multicultural background and yet do not identify fully with a single one. TCK Dating tackles questions like: How do TCKs turn out as adults? How does this translate into dating and relationships? Do they want to date others like them who have an eclectic background and who may understand them better? Can they be happy dating people who have spent their whole life living in one city? How do cultures come into play in dating and longer term relationships?


Adult TCK Adam Hacker shares his insights on growing up abroad, travelling and keeping in touch with your global network. His aim is to “promote knowledge of foreign cultures and be a catalyst of growth and change”.


Tayo Rockson is a TCK using his difference to make a difference – and encouraging others to do the same. Includes articles from other TCKs and regular podcasts with TCKs around the globe. Tayo is also the creator of Use Your Difference Media.


Practical advice for parenting overseas together with the personal reflections of a TCK and Adult TCK. A resource for both parents and those who work with TCKs.


A series of reflections on life as a TCK from content developer, SEO specialist, author, and TCK public speaker James R. Mitchener. Born in England, James has lived in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and France, spending multiple stints in Hong Kong and America.


This blog defines third culture literature; describes what is distinctive and interesting about it; and discusses third culture authors. Audience: TCKs, CCKs, people who like to read; also literary academics new to third culture studies.


Antjie writes about parenting and life as an adult TCK. Antjie was born in Switzerland, has lived most of her life in France, but has also lived in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, China and the United States.


Musings on TCK and expat life from an adult TCK turned international teacher of Humanities. Includes posts aimed at teacher and parents too.


Captures Katharina’s general thoughts as well as reflections on the TCK experience and happenings in the TCK world. At the time of publishing, Katharina is a college student who spent a few years in Uganda and South Africa and is now based in Germany.



Valérie Besanceney is a quintessential Third Culture Kid (TCK). Originally Dutch, she grew up changing schools and countries four times by the time she had graduated high school. As an adult, she has lived and worked in 10 different countries before finally settling down in Switzerland with her American husband and two young TCK daughters. She hopes to reach out to educators of TCKs, parents of TCKs and TCKs themselves. Valérie is also the author of B at Home, a story about the experiences of a young girl and her teddy bear who have to move (once again).

Read more about the book, B at Home: Emma Moves Again (Summertime Publishing) here on Expat Bookshop.



This is a humor blog which includes GIFs and captions. It’s light-hearted and has over 6,000 tumblr followers and over 1,000 Facebook likes.

Find Part 1 (A-M) HERE.