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Author Kathleen Gamble talks about her expat experience

Kathleen Gamble, author of Expat Alien talks about her adventures on Thirdeyemom. ‘I am what you might call a “reverse” expat.  I was born in Burma and lived almost my entire life outside my passport country until it was time to be sent off to college.  My father worked in international agriculture and we lived […]

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Maggie Myklebust reviews Expat Alien

Maggie Myklebust author of Fly Away Home reviews Expat Alien. ‘If you’ve ever lived or simply dream of living in a foreign country, then Kathleen Gamble’s book Expat Alien: My Global Adventure, is for you. I was first introduced to Kathy and her well told stories of travel and adventure through her blog, also known […]

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Expat Alien by Kathleen Gamble – book excerpt

‘At 7 months, I embarked on my first international trip.  On March 6, 1957, we headed out from Rangoon to Beirut, Lebanon.  Because of the different electric voltages around the world, my parents carried a 110 electric hot plate as well as a 220 one, a pan in which to sterilize bottles for my milk […]

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The Expat Bookshop Renewed

The Expat Bookshop is brought to you by Summertime Publishing and Springtime Books. The bookshop is the place to find interesting, amusing and informative books written by expats for expats. From moving abroad, country guides and expatriate memoir to books about emotional well being, third culture kids, family life and making a living anywhere in the world, […]

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Christopher O’Shaughnessy, Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between

“Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between” (Summertime Publishing 2014) is a book of adventures that helped Chris O’Shaughnessy identify some of challenges and realize some of the skills of being a TCK .

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