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Badass Abroad – the Reviews Are In

“An engaging journey of personal transformation through courage, authenticity, and self-love.” Katia Vlachos, author of A Great Move “Part memoir, part self-help book, Badass Abroad is… full of surprising twists, relatable stories, and smart advice. A must-read for every expat spouse.” Olga Mecking, author of Niksen “I’d recommend to every expat accompanying spouse moving abroad… Read More Badass Abroad – the Reviews Are In

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Author Nancy Wesson Recalls Her Time in the Peace Corp

Nancy Daniel Wesson, author of I Miss the Rain in Africa, talks candidly about her fascinating and life-enhancing experience as a Peace Corp volunteer. “Living in Uganda also forced a lot of unconventional solutions — fixing a broken toilet valve with dental floss, using the filthiest laundry rinse water to flush that same toilet or to mop… Read More Author Nancy Wesson Recalls Her Time in the Peace Corp

New Releases, Summertime and Springtime

#LivingTheDream – 2nd Ed, Revised and Expanded

Expat Life Stripped Bare Nine women share the emotional and practical realities of life away from ‘home’. Edited by Carrie Frais of MumAbroad. “Divorce, death, alcoholism… these are women’s real stories about what lies beneath the Facebook veneer of life abroad. They may be a harsh wake-up call in many cases, but their stories are also refreshing,… Read More #LivingTheDream – 2nd Ed, Revised and Expanded

Author Interviews

Brightside Story Studio Interviews Author Louise Ross

Australian Louise Ross has lived abroad since the mid ‘80s and her current home is Portugal. Her book, Women Who Walk, shares interviews with 20 expatriate and immigrant women, about what led them to Portugal. The sequel, The Winding Road to Portugal shares interviews with 20 men. Read why Louise moved, what she has learnt through compiling these interviews… Read More Brightside Story Studio Interviews Author Louise Ross

New Releases


Expat life stripped bare Edited by Carrie Frais Grief, loneliness, Brexit, motherhood, identity, belonging, single parenthood, rootlessness, drinking culture and integration are just some of the issues tackled in a series of powerful stories written by ten women on the challenges of expat life. In one of the first books of its kind, these women reveal… Read More #LivingTheDream