Jo Parfitt reviews Dutched Up!

Dutched Up!

Dutched Up! Rocking the Clogs Expat Style

I loved it. I devoured every story. They were compelling, well-written and entertaining. What’s more, they did resonate with me simply because I knew the Netherlands, its bikes, its quirks, its food, language and healthcare system. I recommend this book to anyone who might be thinking of doing an expat anthology. I’m a grumpy and cynical old goat, jaded too, from reviewing too many mediocre books, but this one, I promise you, is a goodie.


A Career in Your Suitcase – the Essential Tool for Trailing Spouses

CIYS_front_coverA Career in Your Suitcase by Jo Parfitt and Colleen Reichrath-Smith offers inspiration and guidance to expat spouses weathering major career changes. The authors discuss their own experiences and adventures as accompanying spouses, subsequently sharing their method of developing their own new portable careers with the reader.


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One to One with Jo Parfitt

Jo ParfittYou also started up Career in Your Suitcase – what’s the story there and how has it expanded?

Career in Your Suitcase began in Stavanger in 1996 when I attended my first women’s professional networking group. I thought I had nothing to say, but when I ended up chatting to the program’s organizer about my writing career spanning nearly a decade and three countries, she asked if I would be the next month’s speaker. I was terrified, but shared what I had learned. They loved it and so I planned both a workshop and a book called Career in Your Suitcase while I was there and ran the workshop with another expat writer, Elizabeth Douet. In March 1998, she and I were invited to run our workshop at a Paris expat women’s conference, called Women on the Move. The book was published in time for this event and received a great reception. I continued to learn about portable careers and write about them as a journalist, and kept on revising the book. In 2013 the fourth edition came out, this time with a Canadian, expat, career counselor as co-author, and Colleen Reichrath-Smith and I are now working on more material. Now that we have the Internet, the time has never been better to have a career in your suitcase.

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