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The Laptop Entrepreneur, what comes first: web design or optimisation?

Nick Snelling, author of “Laptop Entrepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world”, emphasises the importance of having an SEO strategy for your website before you even consider its design.

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Can a website be a good return on investment?

Nick Snelling, co-author of “The Laptop Entepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world”, discusses the importance of having a website for your business, as well as how online marketing has become simpler – and better – over the past few years.

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Internet copy writing – the secrets to writing great articles

One of the best pieces of advice that I was given about writing articles was to never to publish (or send off to an editor!) an article the day that you have written it!  This is advice that applies to conventional articles as well as Internet Posts and articles. Why? Because an article always needs […]

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The Laptop Entrepreneur, the best domain name possible!

As I have said many times, making a website work for you is all about getting a lot of things right.  The Internet is very competitive and there are many knowledgeable web marketeers around who know exactly what they are doing – and who are calculating and ruthless about getting things right. So, from the […]

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The Laptop Entrepreneur – Search Terms, Tags and Keywords

So, what are search terms, tags and keywords?  Why are all Internet optimisation specialists so obsessed by them and why are they so very important? Well, to some extent, ‘search term’, ‘tag’ and ‘keyword’ are interchangeable descriptions of the same thing as they are all textual ‘sign posts’ that tells Search Engines exactly what the […]

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The Laptop Entrepreneur: blogging your message into your marketplace

For many people the word ‘Blog’ is synonymous with unwelcome rubbish – just as Twitter is often (sometimes understandably!) viewed with contempt for its 140 character mini outpourings. Indeed, it is probably fair to say that most ‘serious’ business people would dismiss Blogs without a second’s thought. After all, who really wants to read the […]

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