Lindsay de Feliz talks about her new memoir, Life After My Saucepans

Q: Why do you think your book needed to be written?

A: It shows a different side of the country and explains more about the culture of the Dominican people. It also shows that however tough things may be, and whatever fears you have, you can get over them.

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Expat Alien by Kathleen Gamble – book excerpt

Expat Alien‘At 7 months, I embarked on my first international trip.  On March 6, 1957, we headed out from Rangoon to Beirut, Lebanon.  Because of the different electric voltages around the world, my parents carried a 110 electric hot plate as well as a 220 one, a pan in which to sterilize bottles for my milk and all my food for the trip.  I did okay except for a loud crying session in first class after the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Ford Foundation boarded in Karachi and sat down next to us.  We stayed a few days in Beirut and my brothers went and saw the ruins at Baalbek.  I guess I was too young to appreciate them.’

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Dutch News Reviews Passage of the Stork

Passage of the StorkRebelling against her mother’s interference in her love life, Madeleine set out to travel Europe alone. By the time she arrived in the Netherlands in 1970 her savings had dried up and she needed to make a decision that would have long-term implications for her future. Madeleine accepted a job as an au pair for a Dutch family and cashed in her return airline ticket to buy winter clothes. So began her life in the land of cheese and tulips that has endured over four decades.