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[New release] Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between…


The world is moving closer and closer to the TCK and CCK experience, says international speaker Chris O’Shaughnessy. “TCKs and CCKs are like previews of coming attractions! They’re uniquely placed to play a very powerful role in shaping society on a global level.” In this, his debut book, O’Shaughnessy covers themes of transition, identity, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and turning life’s challenges into strengths.

by Christopher O’Shaughnessy

UK-born O’Shaughnessy is a collector of both airline miles and adventures. The first of his own TCK experiences – or at least the first he can vividly remember – began at the age of 7, when the family moved from the English countryside to Las Vegas on account of his father’s work with the U.S. Air Force. On his first day at school, eager to fit in, he joined the ritual reciting of the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’, but with ‘God Save the Queen’ (after all, it was the best he could do) – much to the chagrin of his teacher.

Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between is both a series of escapades in a global life and a reflection on the lessons learnt along the way. Bearing his young audience in mind, O’Shaughnessy reveals the weightier themes of the book within entertaining (often side-splitting) stories of life as a young global nomad. “We’re built to respond to and retain stories,” he says. “If you can weave truth and knowledge into an engaging escapade, hopefully it makes the information easier to retain and digest.” For example, the chapter on adaptability – a TCK/CCK quality at which he marvels – is couched within “one of the most embarrassing events” of his teenage years (a clue: it involves entering the wrong hotel room and only realising this post-shower).

“O’Shaughnessy skillfully approaches cross-cultural upbringings and transitions with insight, compassion and humorous tales of identity, connection, community, belonging and resilience.” – Linda A Janssen, Author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures

A key message of the book is that TCKs and CCKs can turn the challenges of their young, mobile lifestyles into remarkable assets, using their newly learnt skills to reach their potential and contribute to society. Says O’Shaughnessy: “I wanted to write something that wasn’t just about TCKs and CCKs, but for them. I wanted there to be something written at a teenager’s level to help provide some language and framework for understanding both their identity and their very important place in an ever-globalizing world.”

Find more information on the book and its author at www.chris-o.com or www.facebook.com/chrisotalk. Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisosh.

“Once, down a dark alleyway, a struggling TCK bumped into a mysterious Zen master, a grinning comedian, and an author of thrillers. That alleyway and those personas reside at O’Shaughnessy’s center. Get ready to grab your seat to steady your heart and to avoid falling over with laughter.”– Douglas W. Ota, Author, Safe Passage: What Mobility Does to People & What International Schools Should Do About It

Holding both British and American citizenship, Chris O’Shaughnessy has lived in multiple countries and visited dozens more. He brings this global perspective to both his writing and his speaking. Chris has worked with young adults for 15 years and is currently a speaker at international schools, community events, service projects, and youth groups around the world. He provides motivational talks, training, workshops, and even graduation speeches and comedy nights. His ability to weave laughter with substance endears him to students, parents and teachers alike.

Publication date: 5 December 2014
Publisher: Summertime Publishing
Paperback: 978-1-909193-72-7; price: $$18.99/€14.99/£11.99
Kindle: ISBN 978-1-909193-73-4; price: $9.99/€8.00 /£6.35
224 pp

For interviews with Chris O’Shaughnessy and to arrange review copies, extracts and articles, please contact him at booking@chris-o.com. For publisher queries, contact publicity@summertimepublishing.com.