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A Lesson for TCKs – Everyone Leaves

The experience of living overseas as a child is very different to the experience of living overseas as an adult. The impact of childhood experiences last a lifetime. They are formative experiences – they teach us how the world works. We all internalise ‘lessons’ from our childhood experiences. TCKs grow up between cultures, learning lessons […]

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Misunderstood: Well-written and sympathetic

Misunderstood reviewed by Rachel Cason, PhD “Misunderstood is well-written, and sympathetically expresses the #TCK experiences in all its myriad expressions. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in equipping themselves to understand and care for TCKs.” The Review | About the Book

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The Worlds Within: An Ode to TCKs

I recommend this book to TCKs, ATCKs, and other global nomads because it is a beautiful ode to the unique combination of experiences and perspectives we share. I also recommend this book for expats or parents of TCKs because it will provide you with insight into emotions that may be unspoken or without an outlet […]

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Directory of TCK & CCK Blogs & Websites (N to Z)

Expat Bookshop presents the most comprehensive list of TCK and CCK blogs and websites ever! (Part 2).

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The Worlds Within – A Must Read

‘This book is a must read for any parent who is about to change countries to help understand what their children are experiencing.’ Review by Donna-lane Nelson of The Worlds Within. More…        

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Valérie Besanceney, My Moving Booklet

Through creative and fun exercises, Valérie Besanceney’s “My Moving Booklet” (Summertime 2015) helps young children negotiate a relocation.

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