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The challenges of opting back into the workforce…

Quenby Wilcox, founder of Global Expats, writes about the challenges of re-entering the workforce after having been a trailing spouse. She also refers to Jo Parfitt and Colleen Reichrath-Smith’s “A Career in Your Suitcase” (Summertime Publishing, 2013).

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Kristin Louise Duncombe, Trailing: A Memoir

Expat Bookshop welcomes Kristin Louise Duncombe, author of “Trailing: A Memoir” (Create Space, 2012), set in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Latest review of @home in Dubai

Maria Foley, writer, Canadian repatriate and mother of two TCKs, has this to say about Anne O’Connell’s @home in Dubai:  “… Anne has certainly done her homework. I’ve never set foot in Dubai, but I’m pretty sure after reading this book that if I were to be parachuted in there tomorrow, I would totally ace […]

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@ home in Dubai: the essential book for moving to Dubai

Katie Foster, the blogger behind Arabian Tales And Other Amazing Adventures knows first-hand the challenges – and rewards – involved in moving to Dubai. In 2010, she moved there when her husband was offered a position. Today a writer, Katie reviewed this recent release from Summertime Publishing, @home in Dubai: getting connected online – and on the […]

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