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Lindsay de Feliz on her writing life in the Dominican Republic

“I was shot at 10.30 at night, and I remembered the first 15 minutes but then had no recollection of anything for around 6 hours, although I am told I was never unconscious, until I had had chest drains inserted in the Emergency Room of a hospital in the capital. I really wanted to know […]

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Jo Parfitt, Definite Articles

Jo Parfitt’s “Definite Articles: How to write and sell winning articles based on your overseas experience” (Summertime Publishing) is an eight-part course that will show you how to write articles as well as find the markets that are out there and get editors to say ‘yes’.

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Author and publisher Jo Parfitt on the advantages of a shared book launch

Author and publisher Jo Parfitt discusses the advantages of a shared book launch. Parfitt is the author of numerous non-fiction books as well as the recently published novel “Sunshine Soup” (Summertime, 2011). She shared her book launch with Jae De Wylde, author of “The Thinking Tank” (Summertime, 2011).

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Lessons from the Writing Road – Jo Parfitt on her novel Sunshine Soup

Jo Parfitt, publisher, poet and author, tells of a lesson she learned while writing her novel “Sunshine Soup” (Summertime, 2011).

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Sunshine Soup is “three books in one”

“Even in her first novel Jo can’t resist giving us more than we expected, three books in one. A story anyone who has lived outside their home country can relate to, a cookery book, and practical advice woven throughout on how to life your overseas life successfully. Extra material too, for reading groups,” writes Jane Dean […]

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