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The Life Story Jar

A Life Story Jar is made from the pieces and experiences that make you who you are. The Japanese ginger jar inspired the framework for The Life Story Jar Programme.

We are born perfect as porcelain. By the time we reach middle life we have had many experiences and may have developed a few cracks along the way.​In the 15th century the Japanese turned piecing broken porcelain back together into an art form using golden glue. They call this kintsugi and believe the cracks make the jar more precious.

The pieces are your stories and the golden glue is the magic of sharing those stories.

This is the story behind the Life Story Jar.

Jo Parfitt’s Life Story Jar programme gently guides and teaches you to write your own precious stories and preserve a collection of pieces before it’s too late. Each jar is a collection of writings on a theme, such as My Family or Growing Up, created through a series of 12 lessons, grouped into jars, or packs and sent weekly, by email.

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