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Summertime author, Chris O’Shaughnessy talks to Displaced Nation

Chris O’Shaughnessy, author of ‘Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures in Between‘ talks to Displaced Nation about his #TCK upbringing, his book and his plans for the future. The Interview | The Book

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Christopher O’Shaughnessy on the Value of Empathy

Christopher O’Shaughnessy, author Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-between talks about the value of empathy in the TCK/Expat conversation.  

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UYD Magazine’s Q&A with Chris O’Shaughnessy

“Chris O’Shaughnessy’s new book Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures in-Between is not only entertaining and enjoyable, it includes helpful information and advice for global nomads, third culture kids (TCKs), and others in transition.  His sense of humor pervades his engaging stories about growing up cross-culturally, which provide practical information and advice on important topics such as making […]

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Christopher O’Shaughnessy, Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between

“Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between” (Summertime Publishing 2014) is a book of adventures that helped Chris O’Shaughnessy identify some of challenges and realize some of the skills of being a TCK .

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[New release] Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between…

NEW BOOK FOCUSES ON VALUABLE ROLE TCK AND CCK TEENS PLAY IN AN INCREASINGLY GLOBAL SOCIETY The world is moving closer and closer to the TCK and CCK experience, says international speaker Chris O’Shaughnessy. “TCKs and CCKs are like previews of coming attractions! They’re uniquely placed to play a very powerful role in shaping society on […]

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