The Mission of Detective Mike – perfect for children on the move

“Inspired by her own situation, Simone Costa-Eriksson found the perfect solution in the form of a children’s book, “The Mission of Detective Mike: Moving Abroad”, co-written with award-winning author Ana Serra. It tells of eight-year old Mike’s determined search for information about his upcoming departure to an unfamiliar land. Mike and his best friend Ikem explore move-related questions such as ‘What About My Things?’ and ‘Who Will Disappear?’”

Expat Arrivals

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Author: Simone

Simone´s interest in the long-term impact of expatriation on executive performance and on family relations started with her own experience of 13 years abroad (USA, Sweden, Poland, and Italy) – most of this time as an expatriate mother of two. Simone´s previous professional business experience in international recruitment, headhunting and customer service was later combined with her passion for international development. Qualifications include: – Psychologist (member of the British Psychological Society) – MBA from Lund University, Sweden – Intercultural Coach (international certification from Integrated Coaching Institute- ICI) – Accredited trainer of ´Developing People Internationally´ (DPI) by York Associates – Licensed Associate of The International Profiler (TIP) intercultural assessment tool – Intercultural Trainer specialised in the Brazilian Way of Living and Working

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