Brings Living in the Dominican Republic to Life

“I am still amazed at how well the author captures life in the Dominican Republic and how she is able to bring it to life. When I try to explain this book to the people around me, some believe it has to be fiction as so many adventures happen to the author that it could not possibly be real.”

Genevieve Bonin, Goodreads

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Between Worlds: For Anyone Who Loves Memoir

between-worlds-marilyn-gardner-expat-bookshop“I recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who loves memoir, as this is a truly beautiful example. I also recommend this book to readers interested in gaining a global perspective on life in the Middle East, cultural competency, or expat life.”

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Retire to the Life You Love: For the Next Chapter in Your Life

RLL (303 x 500)While there is a plethora of books available to help job seekers identify and secure satisfying employment opportunities, available information on how to plan for your retirement years remains scarce. The assumption that after working for 45 years, retirees are eagerly anticipating a couple of decades of staying home taking life easy, playing golf, reading books, drinking tea and looking after the grandchildren – is a source of stress to many older people, as confirmed by statistics on depression and suicide rates in the over-65 age group.

Retire to the Life You Love is a workbook assisting people to assess what is important in providing happiness and contentment in their lives. Specifically the book helps to identify the copious possibilities open to maintain high levels of life satisfaction outside the traditional workforce – with the tools required to take control and embark on the next chapter of your life.


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