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Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours? Out Now

When will my turn come? Didn’t we agree that both our careers were equally important?

Sound familiar? All too often, one career takes precedence over the other, and the dreams of a dual career marriage disintegrate into dust. And it’s even more complicated if you are globally mobile. Juggling two careers with multiple moves – and perhaps a family – can be fraught with difficulties.

Yvonne Quahe, sociologist, coach and HR professional, has spent the last 30 years living abroad as a globally mobile accompanying partner – and the last 13 developing programs for dual career families. In this powerful book, she maps out the common pitfalls and explains with refreshing clarity how to avoid them. Her trailblazing CARE Code (Clarify, Assess,  Refocus,   Explore) offers a framework for systematic dialogue to transform the way you – and HR professionals – approach the complex challenges faced by Dual Career Couples.

Packed with case studies, research and practical exercises, Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours? will guide you toward more productive conversations and, ultimately, to making the best decision for you and your careers.
If you and your partner are considering a global assignment, are in a dual career crisis or looking to renegotiate career prioritization in your relationship, this book is for you.


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