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Insights and Interviews from #FIGT 2014 free on Kindle

Insights and Interviews from the 2014 Families in Global Transition Conference is FREE to download on Kindle between 1-5 June 2016 only. Pick it your copy while you can.

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FIGT Insights and Interviews: Highly Recommended for TCKs and Expats

I would recommend this book as a resource as a reference for anyone wanting to know about the latest developments in expat services, research on TCK development, international leadership, and life abroad. I would also recommend this book for expats interested in making new connections, as there are a number of excellent resources cited in […]

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Summertime Titles on Smashwords

Summertime Publishing has released a select number of e-book titles on Smashwords for downloading to any device that can display ePUB files. Click on an image for more information.

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Insights and Interviews: A Fine Addition to Any Leaving Pack About Relocating

Insights and Interviews would be a helpful resource for people making an international move and a fine addition to any information pack about relocating. I know I would have been grateful for something like this when I moved from Australia to the Middle East ten years ago. More…          

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Review of Insights and Interviews by CLEW

Whether you’re a Third Culture Kid (TCK), expatriate parent, involved with an international school, working in international HR or on international assignment, rest assured there’s something for you. Read More…

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