Vibrant West African Cuisine on Kindle

Discover the West African Culinary Experience on tablet and smart phone. Ebere Akadiri’s mission is to help the western world experience the vibrant culture and cuisine of her native country as a way to share her knowledge and tell her African stories to help you have a better understanding of the culinary diversity and culture […]

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A Turbulent Mind

A Poetry Collection of a Mother’s Journey with Alzheimer’s Jay Artale Amid Alzheimer’s storm are rainbow moments that lead to pots of gold and flashes of sunshine that push dark clouds away. The 39 poems in this collection were inspired by the author’s experiences and interactions with her mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The […]

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Insights and Interviews from #FIGT 2014 free on Kindle

Insights and Interviews from the 2014 Families in Global Transition Conference is FREE to download on Kindle between 1-5 June 2016 only. Pick it your copy while you can.

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Passage of the Stork at 30% Off

Madeleine Lenagh’s extraordinary autobiography, Passage of the Stork, is available at 30% in the Kindle store for one week only. Madeleine grows up in a home filled with secrets, occasional violence, and little affection. A shy and sensitive child, she feels at home in nature and in the world of books. As a young adult, […]

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Kindle Sale – Springtime Books

Make the most of your Christmas Kindle by taking advantage of some great offers from Springtime Books, Summertime Publishing’s little sister. The following best sellers are on sale with at least a third of the list price during January only. Click on a book image for more information. Don’t have a Kindle? Download the FREE app […]

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Pick Up A Career in Your Suitcase on Smashwords

A Career in your suitcase in available to download from Smashwords as an ePUB file. Click on the image for more information.  

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