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A Turbulent Mind

A Poetry Collection of a Mother’s Journey with Alzheimer’s

Jay Artale

ATurbulentMind_3Dcov_thinAmid Alzheimer’s storm are rainbow moments that lead to pots of gold and flashes of sunshine that push dark clouds away. The 39 poems in this collection were inspired by the author’s experiences and interactions with her mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The most useful thing those of us on the outside of this disease can do is live in the moment and embrace the moments of joy that still pass through every day.

Jay Artale has created a memorable collection of poems that scratch the surface of Alzheimer’s and make you aware of the multifaceted impact of a disease that is both cruel and unkind. She takes you on a journey through denial, anger, guilt, sadness, and acceptance. But she also doesn’t forget one of the most important elements – moments of joy. Her wry humor is sprinkled within this collection adding the emotional highs of the roller coaster ride she takes you on.

These moments of joy are something that Jay discovered after reading Jolene Brackey’s book “Creating Moments of Joy”, and they are the backbone of her coping mechanism she uses to navigate her caregiving interactions.

By her own admission this collection is not a literary wonderland. It’s a collection of lighthearted, but impactful, poetry that deals with a difficult topic in a unique and adventurous way – making it easy for a poetry sceptic to love. As well as getting a glimpse of Jay’s current relationship with her mother, we’re also awarded glimpses of the mother she once knew. The woman who was strong, determined, and always pragmatic. By adding this view into their past Jay manages to heighten the level of emotional response we experience while eavesdropping on their current reality.

For any carers, especially daughter and sons of dementia or Altzhimer’s sufferers, this collection pulls back the covers to reveal what it is like to embark on a journey into the unknown, and how the see-saw of emotions you encounter along the way cannot be planned for or pre-empted.

Take a moment from your hectic life, and the challenges of your day, to immerse yourself in a daughter’s journey with the mother she loves. Jay’s experiences are not unique. There are many other families going through the same scenarios and some much worse, but what is unique is Jay’s poetic take on her relationship, experiences, and the impact on those around her.

We hope that this book creates a moment of joy in your life, and brings you some solace and comfort while caregiving for your aging parents. Embrace your role and thank those around you who make the journey more comfortable and bearable.

swipe through these pages
to discover a tale
of Alzheimer’s rhymes
that fully regale
an enticing life, of
loss, laugher, and pain
and my mother’s memories
that can’t be regained
it’s a daughter’s attempt
to soothe a charred soul
which burns & then smolders
beneath her new role
tread gently inside, on
this journey of hope
with a balance of words
to help you to cope.

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