Vibrant West African Cuisine on Kindle

Discover the West African Culinary Experience on tablet and smart phone.

Ebere Akadiri’s mission is to help the western world experience the vibrant culture and cuisine of her native country as a way to share her knowledge and tell her African stories to help you have a better understanding of the culinary diversity and culture of West Africa.

West African food isn’t just another meal. It’s a celebration of flavor, community, and history. It brings people together, nourishing body and spirit. It has the nutrition of powerful superfoods, married to the indulgence of exotic spices. There’s nothing quite like it.

You are invited to join Ebere to re-create the Vibrant West African cooking in your kitchen with her simple and mouth-watering recipes.

Proceeds from the sale of the Vibrant West African Cuisine cookbook go directly to Beauty in Every Life Foundation for their “Keep Dignity Alive” campaign which aims to prevent human trafficking in West Africa through awareness, education and empowerment.

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