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Passage of the Stork at 30% Off

Madeleine Lenagh’s extraordinary autobiography, Passage of the Stork, is available at 30% in the Kindle store for one week only. Madeleine grows up in a home filled with secrets, occasional violence, and little affection. A shy and sensitive child, she feels at home in nature and in the world of books. As a young adult, […]

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Madeleine Lenagh on Displaced Nation

Madeleine Lenagh, author of the beautifully written Passage of the Stork talks to Displaced Nation about her travels and her passion for photography on Displaced Nation. More…

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Dutch News Reviews Passage of the Stork

Rebelling against her mother’s interference in her love life, Madeleine set out to travel Europe alone. By the time she arrived in the Netherlands in 1970 her savings had dried up and she needed to make a decision that would have long-term implications for her future. Madeleine accepted a job as an au pair for […]

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Madeleine Lenagh Talks to Dutch News

Life coach Madeleine Lenagh has lived in the Netherlands for 45 years but refuses to ride a bike. If she ever had to leave, she would spend her last day looking for sea eagles. Read more at

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Passage of the Stork: Trailer

Book trailer for Passage of the Stork, Delivering the Soul by Madeleine Lenagh

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Passage of the Stork’s Amsterdam Launch

Madeleine Lenagh launches Passage of the Stork at De Nieuwe Boekhandel in Amsterdam. Well done. Madeleine.

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