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When It’s Hard to Choose


Early this April, I attended a large, full-day symposium for women who are looking for ways to bring new meaning into their lives. As a coach, I held one-on-one sessions throughout the day with different participants. What really struck me about most of the women I talked to was that they are all faced with large, life-influencing choices and are have difficulty deciding.

“Do I stay in my comfortable job or do I quit and start my own business? Do I enter relationship therapy with my partner or do I walk away from the relationship? Do I burn all my bridges behind me? Do I do it now? Or next year if things haven’t gotten any better?”

There isn’t just one simple answer here for everyone. It’s a lot more complex than just saying, “Go for it!”. Following the path your soul is calling you to follow means you will sometimes stand on crossroads, unable to decide. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to proceed.


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