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Website, Blogging and Social Media Services for Authors from author2author

These days, authors are expected to do a lot more to market their books. This means developing a strong online presence with an appealing author site to draw in the crowds and regular engagement with potential readers through blogging and social networking. Not everyone has the time, the inclination or the skill to set the […]

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Social Media Top Tips for Authors

Jack Scott is an author, blogger and book producer. Since publishing his evergreen autobiography, Perking the Pansies, in 2011, he has also become something of an expert in the world of social media. Here, Jack shares his top social media tips for authors. More…

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The Laptop Entrepreneur on making money from other people’s products

Nick Snelling, co-author of “Laptop Entrepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world” discusses how you can make money by acting as an intermediary for others by selling their goods and services online – at almost no cost to yourself.

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Laptop entrepreneur Nick Snelling says “Know your enemy”

Nick Snelling, author of “Laptop Entrepreneur: How to Make a Living Anywhere in the World” (Summertime 2011) discusses the importance of knowing who the competition is before you leap into the market – whether online or offline.

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The Laptop Entrepreneur, what comes first: web design or optimisation?

Nick Snelling, author of “Laptop Entrepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world”, emphasises the importance of having an SEO strategy for your website before you even consider its design.

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Can a website be a good return on investment?

Nick Snelling, co-author of “The Laptop Entepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world”, discusses the importance of having a website for your business, as well as how online marketing has become simpler – and better – over the past few years.

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