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9781904881643-Perking the Pansies COVER.inddTurkey StreetNot so long ago, I was a municipal bean counter, writing turgid business reports that ended up gathering dust on the shelves. The success of my first book Perking the Pansies: Jack and Liam move to Turkey changed all that. Before I knew it, I was in demand to comment on all things expat and Turkish. Suddenly, a career as a writer opened up before me. Then, something astonishing happened. My publisher, the force of nature that is Jo Parfitt, offered me a partnership and Springtime Books was born. Springtime specialises in publishing books from writers who have something novel to say about expatriate life. It’s a niche but growing market that’s badly served by other publishers.

My second book, a sequel to Perking the Pansies, has just hit the shelves. As the blurb succinctly puts it, Turkey Street: Jack and Liam move to Bodrum is a “whirlwind tour of love and duty, passion and betrayal, broken hearts and broken bones, dirty politics and the dawn of a new Ottoman era”. Early reviews have been remarkable. I’m chuffed.

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Author: Jack Scott

Imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, married middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country. I chronicled our exploits with the mad, the sad, the bad and the glad in a blog for the whole world to ignore. Then came the book which became a critically acclaimed best seller. Its success opened out a whole new career for me as an author. Who'd have thought it? Certainly not me. In June 2012, we ended our Anatolian affair and paddled back to Britain on the evening tide, washing up in Norwich, a surprising city in eastern England. I’m sometimes nostalgic for our encounters with the hopeless, the hapless and, yes, the happy go lucky. They gave me an unexpected tale to tell and for this I thank them. The next instalment, Turkey Street, is out now.

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