10 Inspiring Stories About Living in a New Place

Adjusting to a new place can be difficult, whether you’re transitioning from city life to the countryside or learning about a whole new culture in a foreign country. While not everyone has the means or the desire to make such a drastic change themselves, we can all get a feel for what the experience is like by reading memoirs by those who have taken the plunge.


Jae De Wylde Reviews Turkey Street

Jae de Wylde, author of The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie reviews Turkey Street, Jack and Liam move to Bodrum.

I particularly enjoyed the insightful comments on Turkey, its history, political, economic and cultural confusion and the outrageous audacity of this very loving couple to attempt life in a country as it focusses more and more on its Muslim mores. Witty, gritty and thoroughly readable – loved it!

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Laura Stephens reviews Jack Scott’s Turkey Street

Turkey Street“I appreciated that Jack Scott’s tale of Turkey life feels real and balanced. He shows both the cultural immersion and the less attractive reality. For example, the ‘pot bellied Brits wobbled along the prom … adding a little Croydon to my panorama’ and the touching story of a couple separated in the counter-revolution at twenty-three. With the wife heavily pregnant and her husband exiled for eighteen months to a remote village.”