TCK author receives an honorary mention in the Purple Dragon Awards 2016

B at HomeWell done to Summertime Publishing author, Valérie Besanceney, for receiving an honorary mention for her book, B at Home, Emma Moves Again in the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Awards for children’s books.

See press release.

Author: Valerie Besanceney

Valérie Besanceney is a quintessential third culture kid (TCK) turned adult. Originally Dutch, Valérie has changed countries a total of 16 times (including five times as a child). Today Valérie has made a home, together with her American husband and their two daughters, in Switzerland. She teaches Year 3 at an international school, where she creates a preparatory ‘Moving Booklet’ for each student that relocates. The real-life inspiration for the teddy bear character in B at Home today hangs out on Valérie’s bed (although he has since been sewn onto another bear to save what was left of him). If you also feel like home is somewhere in between here and everywhere, or if you would like to learn more about TCKs, please visit Valérie at